Real Estate investments

Investment Banking Services

RRC Realty Assets LLC represent professional investors seeking consistent returns on various income property types in enduring locations. This equity is typically leveraged in order to produce exceptional IRRs from short and intermediate term investments in performing real estate.

RRC places this equity in industrial, small retail centers, flex office and selected residential and hospitality projects in specific markets. They maintain a comprehensive database of properties and sub-market performance in those specific markets.

RRC’s investment philosophy is based upon the assumption that most real estate cycles, in selected markets, are focused and short term, and that RRC’s investments will provide high returns, both annual and IRRs, from high quality real estate within the term of the current economic picture.

Their Investment Banking Group focuses primarily on investment properties which are:

  • Institutional quality industrial, multi-residential and opportunistic, high-quality retail and office.
  • Valued in the $10-$50mm range for each asset, or greater, for a package of assets.
  • RRC will also co-invest with other equity and developers with substantial histories of success.

The advantage for RRC is long term knowledge of the industry’s intricacies, legal and otherwise, and the relationships the leadership has cultivated over four decades, which set us apart from less experienced firms. This positions RRC as a valuable resource for real estate owners seeking to divest of target asset, and in particular cases, to place funds with RRC principals through joint investment.