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Meet The Owner

Mark Robertson has over four decades of commercial real estate experience, including 18 years at Cushman & Wakefield and until 2002, he was Senior Managing Director of Insignia/ESG Capital Advisors Southwest U.S. region, servicing the U.S. institutional and corporate real estate communities as well as the Republic of Mexico.

He also established and was founding Managing Director in Mexico City for two years for Cushman & Wakefield and was instrumental in establishing other start-up offices there for US clients, such as Equity US, Cambridge Realty and IDI. Over his career, Mr. Robertson has managed offices and projects with budgets ranging from $10-$70 mm.

Mark was one of the founding members of Cushman & Wakefield’s Financial Services Group in the early 1980’s.

In the early 1990’s, he co-founded Cushman & Wakefield de Mexico, was the founding Managing Director and established a major presence for the firm with corporate America and international real estate finance in Mexico City, as well as founding three additional offices in the country. Frequently returning to the US, he soon joined, as a founding member, the Insignia/ESG Capital Advisors Group to continue his US institutional real estate career, and as well, he co-founded Insignia de Mexico.

There after, from 2002, Mr. Robertson was a partner in PRG Realty Group in Dallas and was managing principal with the PRG team in competing, strategizing, negotiating and funding numerous and diverse acquisitions. From immediate funding of land contracts and rapid closing of office building purchase opportunities, to creating, repositioning and development of strategic acquisitions for multifamily and retail/office development, Robertson promoted opportunistic entrepreneurship rapidly and insightfully.

Mark is now engaged as Senior Managing Director of the NAI Capital Markets Group. Imbedded in the NAI Office in Dallas, TX, Mark is charged with institutional real estate accounts for the Group, in particular raising the profile of NAI Global with institutional investment clients nationally. In addition to representation of most major US institutions in his career, Mr. Robertson has represented clients in transactions involving seven European countries, two in Africa, and numerous clients in Hong Kong, Japan and elsewhere in the Far East.

His career has involved as well the advising of major corporate clients in their strategic use decisions, the organization of corporate structures for real estate holding companies, and consulting in connection with registration of private placements and securitizations.

Robertson has concluded many of the largest real estate transactions in the region during his career and has been a leading figure in advising financial institutions, banks, and government assets and portfolios, as well as in creating capital for international portfolios and major new developments in the US.

Mr. Robertson is a Texas native and graduate of Baylor University and its Jaworski School of Law. His numerous affiliations and memberships include: Membership in the Urban Land Institute, International Affiliate SIOR, the Real Estate Council, the State Bar of Texas and memberships in charitable, non-profit and other professional organizations.

He has lived in Dallas and worked in the national real estate arena there throughout his real estate career. An expanded, more specific history of Robertson’s career follows:

History of PRG/RRC

  • At Cushman & Wakefield, he was a founding member of the Investment Sales Group in the early 1980’s, which later became the Financial Services Group (FSG). In that capacity, as Southwest Senior Director, his Dallas team dominated all the major investment sales during the late 1980’s real estate crash. Robertson formed lasting relationships with all major institutional investors, as well as the disposition agents for government owned real estate.
  • In the early 1990’s, Robertson noticed the emerging corporate market in Mexico as that country dropped its high tariffs in anticipation of NAFTA. Corporate America poured into Mexico to find opportunity, not only in labor, but in consumer and business markets as well. He then formed Cushman & Wakefield de Mexico and was its founding Managing Director, living in Mexico City for two years. In Mexico, he recruited numerous top, seasoned C&W agents from around the US to join him in Mexico in the opportunity with US corporate representation. He also trained Mexican professionals in teams with US brokers, raising the bar for all competition.
  • They controlled an 80% market share, against CBRE and LaSalle, among others. Robertson also established the first development financing ever brought to Mexican real estate, by promoting GE Capital Real Estate to fund certain developers in financing leased office and industrial buildings, particularly for multi-national tenants, both US and European. By the late 1990’s, GE Capital had an almost $2BB real estate loan portfolio in Mexico, which then expanded into Brazil and Argentina, in two instances with Robertson’s own C&W employee/associate.
  • Returning to the US with C&W, Robertson had the advantage of his many institutional relationships, but also many trans-national contacts. By that time, the hotel industry was in recovery, and Robertson was able to convert many assignments not only in his institutional office and industrial financing/joint venture structures, but as well in hotel portfolio and luxury hotel/resorts. During that time, he arranged the sale of the Sheraton Resort portfolio, the Four Seasons Hotel, and several US properties for exclusive clients. They included not only Sheraton, but also Circa, BNP Paribas, and BBVA, and other various hotel flags and quality of properties.
  • In 1997, Robertson was approached by Landauer, the long famous NY real estate services company, to create and lead their national investment group. In that capacity, he inherited a mixed team of professionals in offices throughout the US, with no leadership or institutional game plan. Robertson then called upon his long list of relationships and shortly had Landauer on the radar of institutional real estate investors for the first time. He then was confronted with the fractured ownership of Landauer, which had recently been consolidated into Aegon, the Iowa-based insurance group, and he decided that he would no longer be able to fulfill his plans for Landauer. And his old friends from C&W were calling him.
  • Many of Robertson’s closest associates in the Cushman & Wakefield FSG, as well as others in C&W, had decided to join and build a new national real estate firm, under the flag of Insignia Financial Group. It was a reunion of many and a new beginning for others, but the teams and opportunity were irresistible. At Insignia, Robertson led the Southwest Investment Group, and in that capacity, he again approached his many institutional and personal relationships, domestic and foreign. He also returned to Mexico and formed Insignia de Mexico, convincing two of the top real estate (US) professionals in Mexico to lead the new company. They rapidly captured an impressive market share, while in the US, Robertson was leading the Southwest group in client representations of Archon/Goldman, Travelers Insurance, Insignia ICIG, Circa, Royal Insurance (funding of the first corporate sale/leaseback in Mexico) and Mack-Cali (disposition of their western US office portfolio).
  • At the onset of the crisis from 9/11/2001, the financial markets in disarray, international markets difficult in funding transfers, travel and hotel industries impossible, Robertson determined that it was then his opportunity to begin a new chapter with his own firm, named PRG Realty Group. That firm engaged in corporate representation, led by a partner, and investment/joint venture/financing of a proprietary portfolio under the PRG flag, led by Robertson.
  • Although he was approached at PRG by Morgan Stanley’s real estate investment group to take over their Texas portfolio, in management, disposition and acquisition/ repositioning, Robertson elected to pursue a de novo investment strategy made up of various investment partners, institutional and private, because of the low cost of debt and a disintermediation of fund strategies that he had known and served in the previous five years. Those properties in the southeast and southwest US became his target of opportunity for PRG, and in this effort, he bought and sold properties, arranged the original investment by Behringer Harvard Funds, in PRG partnership, and pursued opportunistic development of prime real estate parcels in Texas.
  • In 2007, tragedy struck the Robertson family as one of his daughters was found ill with terminal cancer. He devoted most of his liquidity and time for three years to a losing effort, while at the same time, the US financial (and global) markets collapsed under the strain of the investment banking crisis. His PRG partnerships were sold, and some lost, while others now continue under management of his long-time friend and PRG partner.
  • He then briefly re-engaged in the practice of real estate law to assist client/developer friends to negotiate and save their portfolios from the banking crisis, while his very wealthy investors were only buying US Treasuries at negative yields. Then in 2013, Mark answered the call of partners at NAI’s Dallas office to rejoin the Insignia Capital team in its new NAI Capital Markets Group.
  • NAI Global Capital Markets Group works with institutions and private investors seeking to acquire, dispose of or finance/refinance their real estate holdings and portfolio strategy. NAI Global has completed more than $10 BB in investment sales annually in properties ranging from portfolios of lender owned real estate and non-performing loans, to major institutional office properties, single-tenant net leases, corporate headquarters, hotels. industrial parks, and multi-family properties.
  • PRG Realty Group is now RRC Realty Assets Group. engaging in accumulating for its investment partners, highest quality, stable assets such as industrial/office NNN projects, small but strategic retail centers with 6-10 quality tenants, medical office property and multi-residential including highest quality apartments with enduring locations. As well, Robertson was recently invited to inject his investors’ equity in a large, multi-state development project of extended stay hotels, sponsored by Provident Realty Advisors.

Robertson is a Texas native and graduate of Baylor University and its Jaworski School of Law. He has lived in Dallas as well as Mexico City, and worked in the national real estate arena in the US throughout his real estate career. He is married to Arminda Martinez Garza, has seven children and is active in professional, charitable and civic work in Dallas.

Professional Affiliations

Mark’s numerous affiliations and memberships have included Membership in the Urban Land Institute, International Affiliate SIOR, the Real Estate Council, the State Bar of Texas. He also served on the board of Holy Trinity Catholic School, Greenway Parks HOA and memberships in charitable, non-profit and other professional organizations.