Investment Banking Services

PRG’s Investment Banking Group accesses domestic and international capital sources. These capital sources are based in Dallas, New York, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Europe. This equity is then aggressively leveraged in order to produce high returns to investors from short and intermediate term investments in performing real estate.

PRG places this equity in suburban office, retail and selected residential projects in specific markets. We maintain a comprehensive database of properties and sub-market performances in those specific markets.

PRG’s investment philosophy is based upon the assumption that this real estate cycle, in selected markets, is focused and short term, and that PRG’s investments will provide high returns from high quality real estate within the term of the current economic picture.

Our Investment Banking Team will focus primarily on investment properties which are:

  • Institutional quality subgurban office, retail and in select markets, multifamily/residential.
  • Valued in the $10 to $50 million range for each asset.