All Things Preston Hollow - Hillcrest Crossing will open early 2009

The Advocate Magazine

I know the construction has been a nightmare, but Hillcrest Crossing is almost complete. The 87,352-square-foot, three-story retail and office development will open early 2009. You can expect to see Equinox Fitness Club, Toni & Guy, Paradise Bakery, and Capital One Bank. What you won't see is any more construction (thank goodness) but I'm willing to bet the traffic will stay about the same.

I recently talked to District 11 plan commission Chris Buehler about Hillcrest Crossing. He tells me it's part of a larger redevelopment trend we're seeing in our neighborhood (or rather, making the most of "brown space" since there is virtually no more "green space.") While it pained most of us to see Slider & Blues go, I think most of us would agree that it was time for that corner to get a face lift.